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Why Use The Credit Card on Your Vacation?

The ‘carcas’ still abound – if we are allowed such an appellation – who believe that resorting to cash is the best tactic to save and keep spending at bay during a trip. In fact, they consider that the credit card is the enemy to avoid because it only favors waste and superfluous expenses that then there is no way to face.

However, from our comparator of loans and bank accounts we propose to dismantle this myth with strong arguments. Therefore, stay tuned for our article, as we will discover the advantageous world that the use of credit cards provides.


Advantages of using credit cards

  • Security: The use of credit cards saves us from wandering with a considerable amount of money in the wallet. Thus, in case of theft or loss there was nothing we could do about it if it did not appear again. For its part, the anti-fraud protection in case of loss, theft or fraudulent use provided by the card, puts us safe from these contingencies and, therefore, reassures us.
  • Comfort: We do not have to worry about locating a cashier, about currency changes or having enough cash to face payments such as a dinner or an unforeseen expense.
  • Ease: In the specific case of currency exchange, we avoid the effort to adapt to the new currency with coins or bills that can be difficult to recognize.
  • Discounts: To top it off, in recent years credit cards offer an important discount and benefits chart to encourage its use among users. Without going any further, customers of cards like Shopping Lemon issued by VB Bank Direct can save by refueling at Galp and Shell gas stations or by using websites for booking flights and hotels from reputable chains such as McCherry Holidays and Hotelcom, among many other advantages. A card that, by the way, you can check in our comparator and be aware of everything that ING offers you for hiring your card.
  • To control expenses: Does it happen to you that when you return from a trip you don’t know what you’ve spent so much money on? Well, such a contingency is resolved thanks to the cards, because a brief consultation with your electronic banking system will make you aware of where that capital has gone. Therefore, the mystery is solved and you do not have to wind your brains to find the ‘sink’ through which the money escaped.
  • Mobile payment: Now, to make matters worse, in many shops you can pay with your mobile phone quickly and safely. An advantage that allows you to dispense not only with the tickets, but even with the wallet. That is, one less object that you can banish from your life and your travels, because with the phone you have a whole universe of possibilities.
  • Goodbye to cashiers and commissions: There is nothing more cumbersome than going in search and capture of an ATM that, in addition, does not endorse any commission for its use.
  • They are free. Many of them do not charge us anything for their issuance or renewal.
  • They include travel and life insurance: Some cards include compensation for delay or cancellation of flights and assistance to the traveler, which covers medical expenses, health transfer, etc. A help that comes from pearls if we have a trip in perspective.

In short, these are the tremendous virtues that break away from their use on occasions as special as a trip or vacation. Of course, there is always a counterpart, a ‘dark reverse’ that we must keep in mind so that credit cards become our allies and not terrible enemies.


Disadvantages of credit cards

  • Danger of borrowing: If we do not use them with restraint and head we run the risk of becoming indebted . So, not seeing the money, we lose the account and abusing the card. To avoid the problem, we must control ourselves and not overdo purchases.
  • You can lose control: It seems a lie, but that’s the way it is, because if we constantly take out the card and turn to it in each store, we may end the day without knowing how much money we have spent. In this case, it is better to keep a small agenda and remember that plastic money is real money as much or more than paper money.


Online loans for a trip

Online loans for a trip

Of course, the expenses of a trip can be met with cash in the wallet if we prefer. In that case, do not forget that in our comparator of urgent loans you can consult a wide catalog of credits online. It is fast, easy and we provide you with all the information to answer all the questions that assail you for the request of a loan.  

You already know it well because you are not newbies, but we repeat it once more for newcomers:

  1. You must be of legal age
  2. Have a recurring source of income such as a payroll, unemployment benefit, or retirement

By the way, some of these financiers do not require you to be aware of all your debts and it does not matter if your name appears in delinquent records such as RAI or Asnef.

Therefore, on these traveling dates it is already your business to dispense with the services of the credit card or combine it wisely with cash in the wallet. The ‘mix’ to pay on your vacation you decide – it was missing more -, but you know what kind of payment tools you have at your disposal.

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